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By Ludi Martin, CBG Talent Acquisition Consultant

With the accelerating growth of Cyber Security, it has never been more important for hiring managers within the Industry to standout against the competition. All companies are vying for position looking to hire the best talent on offer, therefore this leaves no room for complacency in your approach to the interview process.

When looking at the process from a Hiring Managers point of view, we can start with the assumption that you have selected several profiles to go through, they are relevant, well qualified for the role, however if you have selected them, they are likely to have been selected by another organisation. You have competition on your hands!! This is when speed and clarity of the process becomes of the upmost importance in order to stand out and attract the candidate enabling future growth of your organisation.

Below are some of the key areas to ensure you are providing the best version of your organisation

1. Take your time identifying the CV of the Candidate

Often overlooked, but vitally crucial to the foundation of the process is the taking the time to investigate the candidate’s profile and the journey they have been on in order to try and predict their future within your organisation.

Some of the key areas to analyse;

  • Experience vs requirement
  • Patterns of tenure
  • Patterns of companies
  • Patterns of success

2. Identify common grounds

Finding areas of common ground can take the interview away from the dreaded interview question firing line and facilitate an open relaxed conversation with the candidate. This can facilitate an engaging exchange between both the Hiring Manager and the Candidate, where you are likely to find more out about their personality and their potential cultural fit as well as experience and skillset. Subjects such as similar company experience, connections or interests can provide the perfect topics to integrate into the conversation at relevant times throughout the interview.

Demonstrating that you have taken the time to understand these areas of commonality shows the candidate that you have thought about your line of questioning and not just turned up and walking your way through their CV for the first time.

 3. Be clear on the role and the opportunity

Providing a clear and concise view on the role, where it sits within the organisation, responsibilities and the opportunity for progression will make your proposition more attractive and appealing for the candidate. In my experience the modern candidate demands far more transparency and this approach will only enhance their experience within the company and provide them with confidence in their decision-making process.

4. Highlight leadership skills

The interview is a two-way process and the candidates will be building an opinion of you and the organisation, therefore it is just as important for you to demonstrate examples of leadership and management style. This will help a candidate connect with you as an individual and help them visualise their future within your team and why they may want to work for you in the future.

By Ludi Martin, CBG Talent Acquisition Consultant

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