Standing out in 2019 Episode 3 – Preparing for an Interview

Monday, March 11th, 2019

Throughout 2019 we aim to take you through the hiring process, providing you with support and guidance to help match the best candidates to the right organisations, ensuring you can demonstrate core capabilities and attributes.

Our previous blog discussed standing out with a CV and trying to excite and engage with a potential employer and now we are looking at the next phase of the Interview process from the perspective of both the Candidate and the hiring manager. 

Hiring Manager

In a competitive candidate market, it has never been more important for hiring managers to standout in Cyber Security. The Cyber Industry is vying for all the best talent on offer and you can’t afford to be complacent in your approach.

Below are some of the key areas to ensure you are providing the best version of your organisation;

  1. Take your time identifying the CV of the Candidate

Looking through the CV of the candidate and really understanding their profile and the journey they have been on will help you predict their future within your organisation.

Some of the key areas to analyse;

  • Experience vs requirement
  • Patterns of tenure  
  • Types of companies
  • History of success
  1. Be clear on the role and the opportunity

Providing clear and concise information on the role, responsibilities and the opportunity for progression within the business will make much more attractive and appealing to a candidate, providing confidence in their decision-making process.

  1. Highlight leadership skills

People work for people. Therefore, demonstrating examples of leadership and management style will help a candidate connect with you as an individual and help them visualise their future within your team and why they may want to work for you in the future.


Love them or hate them, interviews are a crucial part of the career change process and its essential you prepare each step of the way to help you stand out within the Cyber Security Industry.

Below are some areas that we have highlights that could help you stand out as a candidate in the process;

  1. Treat each interview as your first

This will help you keep fresh in your mind and help when you meet multiple stakeholders within the business. Complacency in the latter stages of the interview process could be costly.

  1. Get the basics right

Revisit details about the company and people you will be working for and meeting throughout the process, it’s easy to get wrapped up on details about yourself and overlook the potential of being asked company specific questions.

  1. Prepare precise examples of skills and key attributes;

The stories you communicate about your experiences can validate your past and provide a vision of your future success. Having a story that demonstrates one of all the key attributes you are trying to portray will

  1. Two way questioning

The questions you ask are as important as the questions asked to you. Take some time to set aside and develop some rounded questions to ask during the interview process, avoiding an obvious and rhetorical line of questioning.

By Ludi Martin and Liz Pullan, CBR Talent Acquisition Consultants

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