Does your employer understand what motivates you?

If you are reading this as an experienced Cyber Security professional, your experience comes at a premium! Organisations in the industry are now realising that they have to work hard to attract talent to their business, but once you are on-board, are they taking their eye off the ball and not delivering back against your expectations?

Shortage of talent with experience in the marketplace puts the power in your hands, therefore if you are a high performer exceeding your targets, you have the right to demand more from your employer. This doesn’t mean stop reading now, down tools and ask for a raise, but you have the opportunity to challenge and call for more in return for your dedication to the business. As an individual we all have our own motivations and even though in sales this predominantly means earning potential, that’s not always the case and it could be more responsibility, managing a team, continuous learning or flexible working hours. If your employer understands and delivers back to your motivations, the likelihood is you will gain more respect and commitment to the business and continue to contribute to company performance.

The business shouldn’t discourage your evaluation of your standing within the organisation, so long as you manage the conversation with poise and professionalism and can back it up with a work ethic that commands respect. If anything, it shows ambition and provides your employer with a clear understanding as to what is important to you and how they can aid your deliver back against this. On the flip side, if they aren’t willing to listen to you and investigate how they can match your expectations, this at least answers your question on whether your efforts are valued and if you should be starting to assess your options.

Progressive companies, and certainly those we have been engaged with on talent strategies, are putting even more focus on harnessing talent within their business and finding out what motivates people within their organisation. Great leaders lift the people around them, guiding and developing their skillset, whilst supporting their career path. In return, staff members stay dedicated to the company and its mission and may become the future leaders within the business.

To conclude, assess your role in its entirety and evaluate where you fit within your employer’s long-term goals and strategies. If your organisation is not listening to your motivations and needs or their plans don’t align with those of your own, there will be others out there striving for a team filled with professionals who are as passionate about the Cyber Industry as they are.

At CBR we consult with a variety of leading and emerging Cyber organisations across USA, EMEA and Asia, from large multinationals to start-ups, where we have established their needs, developed a strategy and deliver back talent to fuel their future growth objectives.

By Liz Pullan, Talent Acquisition Consultant, CBR