Using your Digital Footprint to Standout

As a talent acquisition consultant specialising in Cyber Security, I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn meeting Cyber candidates discussing potential career opportunities. Whilst LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to meet and interact with individuals and aid career progression, it is only as good as the energy you put into it and therefore, I have compiled a few areas that could help you use your digital footprint in order to standout in the process.


1. First impression

Think of your profile as how you represent yourself in an interview. This is usually the first impression to your potential employer, so make it work as hard as possible. Simple things such as aligning your profile photo to be true representation of you as a professional can go a long way to someone continuing to read on.

2. Tailor your profile to your desired career

Give an insight into your role and how you have developed your Cyber Security career, not just a profile of the organisation that you work for. Pick out key skills that make you desirable to the onlooking recruiter for your dream role and this will significantly help your chances of being noticed.

3. Stay active, but not too active

Maximise your LinkedIn profile and engage with influencers, groups and follow target companies so that you are aware of their most recent activities. Whilst I would encourage you to be active, don’t be too active, you could have the adverse effect. The art of subtlety and contributing where you can add value and gain credibility is key.

4. Be aware of life outside of LinkedIn

Be aware of your presence and privacy on other social media channels, which often blur the lines between business and personal.

It’s your platform, use it to your advantage and get your next career move.


by Liz Pullan, Talent Acquisition Consultant, CBR