Is Video the New Face to Face?

In just a few short weeks, the Coronavirus outbreak has spread confusion and anxiety around the world, transforming the way we live and work. Having had a week or more to acclimatise to home working, it has become more apparent to me that video has played a crucial role in enabling businesses and even families and social groups to move forward and stay connected.

Even though conference calling and video technology has been available for a long time, people may have been hiding behind their name or a silhouette stock image, shielding their working environment, however, with everyone on an even playing field, the goal posts have changed. With more people switching their cameras on, needing face to face time, we are seeing the human side of our colleagues and clients, finding out more about people as they welcome us into their home via video.

Since new restriction measures have been enforced, we have been inundated with questions from business owners and hiring managers on how to transition their current process throughout this difficult time into something more fitting for the present landscape. Companies globally are adapting to this new way of working and are looking for new ways and technology to overcome these challenges that we are all facing.

Video, is one of the tools, enabling this change and if applied correctly, with a flexible approach, you can continue to hire top talent into your organisation. It’s not just from an interview and hiring perspective, you will also need to change your on-boarding and management as part of the process, video can make sure that your team are getting the right information, training and support previously covered by a trip to HQ and regular face to face meetings.

Whilst home-working lends itself to your more experienced team members, the use of video and other technologies can apply for other departments that would usually be office based. Productivity and collaboration solutions whereby video is an integral part, will enable everyone to keep collaborating, be informed and up to date on developments. They can be instrumental in assisting those not used to remote working to feel less isolated and remain motivated, ensuring productivity and company culture remains strong!

How are you going to adjust and apply an agile approach to your business moving forward?

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by Liz Pullan, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

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