Is now the right time to look for a new job?

These are strange, and by all accounts difficult times, and for job hunters, a confusing and worrying period, where you may be asking yourself: “is there any point in continuing my job search with everything that is happening right now?”

It is completely natural to be concerned and question your timing, but should you put your search on hold and wait for this to pass?

There are no simple, straightforward answers. These are unprecedented times of course. However, if you were already considering a new challenge or were planning to embark on a new chapter of your career, then you should continue exploring your options. Inevitably, things are going to slow down with some companies stopping their hiring all together, but this is not the case with all businesses and there are some that are in greater demand than ever before.

Companies all over the world are adapting to this new way of working and looking for alternative ways to continue growing and developing their business. Cyber Security and Technology is one of the sectors that is agile and responsive, as we have experienced over the past couple of weeks with some of our Talent programmes continuing to grow despite of all the disruption.

It’s likely to get a little more competitive out there and there may not be the number of opportunities that you saw open a month or even three months ago, however, this is not a reason to stop your search. Confusion and uncertainty will only hold you back, now is the time to be positive, creative and to keep looking ahead.

With most offices closed and social distancing in place, in-person interviews will be on hold. However, with telephone and video conferencing technology available, there is nothing standing in the way of you getting that introduction to your future employer. Whilst this new process may be unfamiliar, don’t let it intimidate or concern you. Embrace this new challenge and follow our tips on how to make it a success!

  • Polish up your face to face communication skills and practice presenting via video call to make sure that when you get the opportunity, you put your best foot forward.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate how you can take on the challenges ahead. Position yourself as a problem solver and be ready to talk about your experience and expertise with confidence and with candour.
  • Be persistent in your search and above all be ready to adapt and demonstrate flexibility.
  • Be confident and remember, we are all in the same situation, adapting together and learning how to handle changes in an unfamiliar and uncertain climate.

There are new opportunities out there, companies are still hiring, and you could be exactly what they are looking for.

by Julie Jones, Account Manager, CBR

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