Trying to get hired during the pandemic?

We receive many CV’s every day from outstanding candidates, but does your CV truly reflect you, your personality or your ambition? It may be time to find a more engaging way to reach out and connect with your prospective employer.

Why not try a new tactic and try pulling together a short intro video of yourself? It doesn’t have to be cringe, but just allows you to showcase yourself, bringing some of your experience and character to life, which in some cases can get lost. For some, you may even have gaps in your CV such as a years sabbatical that you took for a very good reason, however in some cases this could be overlooked and just be seen as a gap.
This doesn’t mean don’t do a CV, but this is a welcome added extra.

Things you could include:
( It doesn’t need to be long, perhaps 60-90 seconds, but it should quickly provide a snapshot of you, why you are looking for a new challenge and what it is about the prospective employer or industry that excites you.)

  • Who are you and what makes you different
  • Overview of your experience most relevant to the potential role
  • Your Ambition, vision for the future
  • What excites you about the industry, role or organisation (Always try to reference back to the potential employer to show you have done your research)


Providing an additional video may not be for you, but we for one would certainly welcome a short introduction to yourself and what you are looking for.

Finally, just like all adverts, ensure you are leaving a call to action. “I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome a video conference to discuss the opportunity in more detail”

Stay Safe, Team CBR

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