Rise to the "New Normal"

The so called “new normal” looks like it’s here to stay for a while, so what does this look like for the Cyber Security Industry?

A huge 70% of organisations are looking to increase Cyber Security spending due to growing concerns over opportunistic Cyber Crime on consumers and employees. As businesses start to re-energise their growth strategies to meet the demand, we are starting to see this through an increase in recruitment activity. Our partners are in talks with talent now in order to be in a position to act fast when budgets and hiring returns.

Despite many companies still maintaining a recruitment freeze, there are still a number of vendors still hiring and even if they are not, hiring managers are seizing the opportunity to get ahead and start conversations. If you are a candidate looking for a new opportunity, then don’t be put off and put yourself in the best position for when things start to gain momentum.

Whilst we can’t look into the future, Cyber Security is certainly a better place to be right now, especially when you look at other industries that rely on physical social interaction, where they will continue to be affected by social distancing. Total internet usage is estimated to have surged by 50-70% as more and more people are exploring new ways to connect online. Yet another indicator that as more people use the internet the more vulnerabilities will exist, especially with the “working-from-home” fragmented situation.

Eventually, we will overcome the situation and go back to some sort of normalcy, but in the meantime to further your career – STAY ALERT, keep active, develop your skillset and keep this fantastic industry moving forward!

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