How To Make Your CV's First Impression Count

It takes just a quick glance, maybe 10-15 seconds, for someone to evaluate your CV when they see it for the first time…the quality of your CV will therefore determine whether you get the opportunity to interview and showcase your talent to a potential employer. Making the right first impression can lead to life changing opportunities.

As a recruiter, I see the job search from both sides of the hiring process and while it’s not ideal that we have to make an initial decision based on a resume, it’s the quickest way to ‘meet’ as many people as possible, so you need to make sure you get to the top of that pile!

From my experience, a hiring manager or recruiter will form an opinion about you based on the appearance, structure and opening statement of your CV, therefore it has to make an immediate impact or risks being lost at the bottom.

Think outside in
Ensuring you consider these simple questions should guarantee you are providing the recruiter with the right information straight away:

  • Who is going to read my CV?
  • Does the reader have context of my situation? It makes sense to you, but maybe not to them…
  • What are your achievements? Promote your success immediately so you stand out.
  • Have they heard of your previous employers? Don’t presume the companies you have worked for are known or understood.
  • Can you do what they need? Tell them about it.


Providing a personalised concise, informative and professional summary of these considerations, will allow the recipient to immediately identify if you are the right person for the role and if you can you bring success to their team.

Get this right at the beginning and then back it up with relevant information, so if your CV lands in the hands of your next hiring manager, it gets the attention it deserves!

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