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If you have taken the time to find your perfect role, allow the time to demonstrate the best version of you and give yourself a greater chance of being top of the pile.

Tailoring your CV will allow your prospective employer or recruiter to quickly identify whether you are right for the position. Having worked in the industry for a long time, I tend to spot a generic CV a mile off and it just gives me the air of doubt if you are right for the role.
I have put a few tips together to help you tailor your CV to the job description and ensure that you don’t get dismissed at the early CV stage.

1. Read the Job Description Carefully
Attention to detail is important, read the job description from start to finish. Take in all the key attributes the hiring parties may be interested in. Don’t just be happy with that, read it again and again until you fully understand the skills required and as importantly the type of person they are looking for. Understand what the role requires from you and think about the qualities you possess and make you right for the role.
Remember many people may have similar qualifications and experience, but make yourself someone who would add value to their organisation and someone they would want to work with.

2. Identify Key Phrases and Words
In order to stand out try highlighting keywords and specific skills detailed in the job description and mirror them in your CV (Obviously if relevant! You don’t want to get to an interview like that of Dragons Den where you get found out) Awkward!
For example:
If the job description asks for ‘experience in Channel or French speaking” make sure you get those words in prominently.

3. Highlight Relevant Experiences
You may have some experiences that are perfect and immediately deliver back against the job role, however, be sure to include those capabilities that don’t immediately seem relevant. Cross functional experiences could be “Working in a team”, “Leadership” and “Organisational skills”. You may not think your experience was relevant, but it all adds to the story and reasons to believe in you as a candidate.

4. Put Your Most Relevant Experience First
Don’t worry if you don’t have all the parts of the puzzle they are looking for, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be invited to interview. Tailoring your CV promotes all your strongest assets and experiences to give you the best opportunity to be selected. Making the most relevant parts of your CV the most visible will give you the best chance of catching the employers eye and keeping their attention. Remember not every candidate will tick all the boxes but the more you tick the more chance you have of being invited for an interview.

5. Research the company
Job descriptions provide just one part of the story, but researching the company itself and drawing upon the information you find such as their values, culture and adding this into your CV or covering letter may also highlight why you are the right candidate.
Selling you and the person you are outside of work may just provide you the edge over your rivals where you make yourself relatable. Employers aren’t just looking at who is going to do the job most effectively, but also at the person joining the team.

You may have all the right assets that make you the best candidate, but don’t give me or any other the chance to miss this, we have a lot of CVs landing on our desks each day and only a small amount of time to take in the information. MAKE IT STAND OUT! Think about adding something that makes it more memorable, it may just add the difference and be the CV that sticks in the employers’ mind.
This might sound like a lot of work to do for each application, but once you’ve got in the routine of tailoring your CV it will become easily manageable and even help you focus on targeting the roles that are right for you, rather than a shot gun approach. If you are applying for similar roles there shouldn’t be huge wholesale changes, but a few well-placed tweaks will make your CV stand out from the crowd.

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