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Have you come to a crossroads in your career? Do you need to revaluate your goals? In the current world we are living in, more and more people are using this time to reflect on both their career and goals.

Maybe you feel this way because the current climate has led to your position being made redundant, you don’t enjoy your job, or maybe it is just time for you to move on. The path you set yourself, may not be the one for you anymore. Your wants and needs may have changed. It’s okay to feel like this, here are some steps to consider if you do feel like you are at a crossroads.

Identify your passions – Visualise what your ideal career would be and what it would take to get there? Is it qualifications? Is it experience? This will help you to move forward and fine tune your focus. Think about what your ideal life and job would be. This will help you concentrate on what you need to do to get there.

Goal Setting – It’s proven that setting goals is the key to having greater success. However, just because you made a goal a while ago, doesn’t mean they are set in stone. Your priorities may change, and you may need to alter or completely change these to make you happy. Review your goals and see if they are still relevant to what you are doing now and more importantly what you want to be doing.

Take your time – Don’t just jump immediately into a new career. It’s a big step and requires you to think hard about it and look at your options. Think about what can help you get to where you want and what hurdles you might have to overcome.
Take the next step – Once you’ve worked out where it is you want to be, start to put together steps to get there, no matter how large or small. You could take some time to talk to someone in the same industry or get a little bit of experience. All of these will help you progress further into the career you want and to help you through the crossroads.

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