CBR would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2020 has been a challenging time for so many and in a variety of ways. We’re hoping 2021 will be a new beginning and hopefully a fresh start, especially for those job searching in this difficult time.

Searching for a job can become a bit of a job itself, and not an easy one at that. From everything down to writing your CV, to preparing for the interview, it can be an over whelming task!

For that reason, we’ve put together a step by step list to aid you in your job search and help bring that new beginning in 2021…

First step: Approach your job search with a sales mentality.

We then recommend starting with your network: those you are in direct contact with and those you may know through others. Reach out, contact a friend or acquaintance on your social networks and ask them if they’ve heard of any relevant roles or companies they think are a good fit.

Research prospective organisations: do they have any openings? Some organisations don’t post their jobs on LinkedIn, but on their own website. Contact their recruitment department and make yourself known to them. They may have a role in mind that hasn’t yet been advertised!

Check who they tend to hire: Who works for them, what type of profiles and background they have in their teams etc. Get a feel for the company and how you would fit in.

Keep your applications relevant: Don’t blanket send your CV. Make your application specific to the role you’re applying for by tailoring your experience and skills.

Keep track of your applications: By keeping track of who and where you’re sending your CV, and who responds, you can pin point whether your profile is getting the right attention and feedback.

Prepare for your interview: If you haven’t interviewed in a while, it is worth asking for help. At CBR we can assist with this. Enlisting the help of one of our experienced professionals to spend quality time looking at your CV and Interview technique, will save you time and might just be what you need to get the ball rolling in 2021!

Ask us at coaching@cyberbusinessresource.com or find out more or visit our services are for more information here.

Our 1:1 session’s are designed to offer you dedicated and bespoke time with our industry experts, to help you achieve the next goal in your career. 

Through our extensive years of experience in recruitment, we are in the best position to offer you the advice that will help you shine in both your CV and Interview.

CBR Manager Ludi Martin, explains more in this video.

Speak to our team today about how we can work together on furthering your career. 

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