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Finding a new job isn’t always easy for everyone, especially in today’s challenging and competitive environment. Some applicants may struggle to find a job even after months of searching, but often all you need to do is adjust your job-hunting strategy and become proactive to land that dream role.

So how do you do that you might ask? Let us help you out…

Start with getting creative. If 100s of people are after the same job, you must think to yourself, ‘How do I get the employers attention?’. The easiest way to do this is to be creative with your CV. If your CV is even just slightly different to the rest, it will hold the employer’s attention for longer. For help with CV writing or updating your existing CV, contact the team today and ask about our CV coaching services.

Secondly, don’t underestimate the power of a cover letter. Be sure to research the company you are applying for and convey your passion for the role in that opening statement. A cover letter can be the difference between a prospective employer looking at your CV or not; even if you are perfectly qualified.

Applying for jobs can feel like a job in itself; because every time you tailor your CV or write a cover letter you should have researched and know the company you are applying to. Knowing the values of the business, to ensure you are ticking all the right boxes, and whether you will fit in with your specific skill set, is vital.

It will enable you to tailor your CV accordingly and hopefully stand out from the crowed. For assistance with this, please call the CBR team today and ask about our CV coaching services here.

Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile can give you an edge over the competition. Many recruiters look at LinkedIn profiles when there are jobs available in their company or may even search for you online if you make an application to them. Use this as like a second CV to list all your accomplishments and skills. LinkedIn is also used by recruitment agencies like CBR and inhouse HR teams, so if you do not have a LinkedIn account, you may be losing out on employment opportunities.

Finally, if you need more help in getting hired, find out how we at CBR can help you to land your perfect role with tailored CV and Interview Coaching here.

Our 1:1 sessions are designed to offer you dedicated and bespoke time with our industry experts, to help you achieve your next career goal. 

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