Is your CV hitting a brick wall?

If you throw pebbles at the wall, they bounce back right? But bring the right tools and you WILL break the wall down.

However, you must know what the right tools are and how to apply them. Maybe it’s just a matter of your CV needing a tidy and an update? Remember your CV is your first impression so make sure it’s a good one; always double-check it’s well presented and easy to read!

Your CV doesn’t need to be a masterpiece but ensure all your information is clearly laid out and it flows logically. However, if you can add a bit of creativity just to grab the employer’s attention, then do! Make sure to not go overboard though. You can get extra help with CV writing by contacting the CBR coaching team here.

When writing about previous roles, think about the tasks you did on a daily basis and be specific, then use this to create a list of your skills. Make sure you look at the job advert and include the required skills on your CV! The employer will appreciate it if you take the time to really respond to what they are looking for.

Make certain your information is clear and concise and don’t waffle. Be brief and try to focus on your relevant skills and experience. The employer is quickly looking for transferrable skills; bullet points are your friends when writing a CV!

Check, check, check and check again! It may sound like a given but be sure to check both your spelling and grammar at least two or three times. Even the smallest mistake could be enough to get your CV rejected.

Finally, if you think your CV is up to scratch and you are still bouncing off that brick wall, get professional advice. At CBR we offer CV coaching where professional and experienced recruiters can review your CV and ensure it starts landing at the top of any potential employer’s pile.

Getting professional advice on your CV might be just what you need to get the ball rolling. Don’t let rejection get you down, you can do it!

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