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Tech has traditionally been a male-dominated industry with cybersecurity being no different. However, it has been reported by (ISC)2 that now nearly 25% of the cybersecurity workforce are now women. That is up from a reported 11% in 2013 (Frost and Sullivan).

At CBR we are delighted to be helping with the shift towards equal opportunity across the industry. In a previous blog, we talked about the importance and value of diversity and how it can really strengthen the workforce and lead to success. We now look at how we can reduce the gender gap and why women may be hesitant to enter the world of cyber security. One thing that is clear though, is that female cyber security professionals are as well-educated and qualified as their male counterparts, reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

Stemwomen.co.uk has outlined some of the reasons why women may be hesitant to join the cyber security industry and we have highlighted some of their recommendations below:

Awareness – As a relatively new and emerging industry, CBR is working to raise awareness and ensure opportunities are available to every person with the relevant skills.

Dispel those early pre-conceptions – Female students choosing their GCSE and A-level subjects are still forming opinions that steer them away from technical or computing-based careers. This could be due to society norms, school education or parental influences and we need to demonstrate to young women that any industry is available to them and they can thrive.

Representation – Not enough women are represented in a technical field let alone in cyber security across the news, film, and television, so there are few visible role models.

It’s dangerous – Some of the industry’s own terminology, such as cyber-attacks, creates the wrong perception of the industry and there needs to be more education to give to people a better understanding of what a career in cyber involves.

Still 75% of cybersecurity workforce are men – Due to the current workforce being dominated by men, this imbalance can put women off from applying or considering roles in cyber security.

Why cybersecurity could be the right career for you

A career in cyber security offers excitement as the threat landscape is constantly changing. Whether your aspirations lie in product development, enterprise architecture or incident response strategy, there are a huge variety of career paths available in cyber.

As women still take the majority of the responsibility for childcare in the home, flexible working is a huge benefit to those that want to maintain a healthy work/life balance, but also want to progress in their chosen career. Much of the work in cyber security is based online, which means that many roles are suitable for flexible working hours and remote working.

Cyber security professionals are in demand, and it can offer an extremely rewarding and dynamic career path, with salaries in the industry higher than average.

As we have previously discussed, diversity in the workplace can boost innovation and productivity within teams. As more women apply for roles in cyber, the talent pool becomes larger and the workforce stronger.

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