Home Vs Office? Is this limiting your candidate reach?

Home Versus Office – Is this limiting your candidate reach?

New jobs are showing greater flexibility in working arrangements, yet many still have an expectation that staff will need to work in the office. If your organisation is offering greater flexibility to work from home you can widen your search with no geographical limit, therefore unlocking an extended pool of talent. For that reason, flexibility is key to attracting the best candidates from a wider geographical area.

Imagine a greater pool of candidates, from which you have the potential to gain:

Enriched culture and diversity

 As previously discussed in our blog: ENSURING AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT WITHIN YOUR COMPANY companies that have diverse work environments can build positive reputations within communities and serving markets. Diversity creates a sense of belonging and inclusion, which reflects positively on a business.

Increased talent pool

Hiring internationally increases your pool of candidate talent and enables a broader choice of expertise and experience.  Education differs from country to country, and you may find that access to a different education system and skillset can really suit your current capability gaps.  This will help put you ahead of the competition, especially if the competition limits themselves to local recruitment only.

Candidates looking to relocate are often more determined to make a new job their own so they feel more secure in their life changing venture. This provides a more engaged applicant who will look to go the extra mile.

Ability to maintain momentum across time zones

There are positives for a team across time zones too. Not only are there times in the day when the whole team can collaborate but you also gain the ability for the company to provide a better service for their customers. More employees in different time zones means that parts of the team can be available when the customer needs them, wherever they are in the world. If you’re looking to bring in more international clients or customers, hiring more employees around the globe can help to build your business faster.

Improved brand perception and gain insight into new markets

A diverse team can really improve brand perception. An inclusive company will automatically reap the benefit by being a great place to work but will also gain insight about new countries, markets and new ways of doing business. Companies that promote diversity and cultural awareness often connect better with customer markets, build trust more effectively and create a successful brand reputation.

Higher productivity from employees

An international candidate who is not looking to relocate could be a great asset:  They could be the first point of business expansion in that region, so will have to be a proactive, self-starter and will most likely want to impress, meaning they will hit the ground running.

A study from Stanford University showed that remote working actually improved productivity by 13%, with fewer consistent distractions from colleagues. The study of 16000 employees also found that working remotely leads to sharply reduced employee attrition, due to higher work satisfaction.

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