Staying Connected Even When Your Team Works From Home

Stay connected – why strong communications can be the key to success

Despite the extensive number of candidates and flexible working style, our team are more connected than ever. We believe our strong communication and great team ethic is why we have become one of the leading Cyber recruitment specialists. Can our way of working inspire you?

At CBR, we connect over coffee…and perhaps a cake…and maybe lunch

The most successful teams connect over common interests and hobbies and not just on work chat. Have you considered regularly scheduled time for your team each week to catch up over coffee in a group video conference? This time can be separate from your regular team meetings, and you can simply chat over a coffee and talk about what’s happening in your life just as you would in the office. These catch ups can replace the regular tea break.

 At CBR, we find an informal chat over lunch via teleconferencing really helps to keep our team motivated – the more we know about each other and can appreciate each other’s interests, limitations and strengths, the more we can support everyone to thrive in their role.

We schedule team activities

We take our own advice, as we talked about in a previous blog ‘7 WAYS PHYSICAL EXERCISE CAN BOOST PRODUCTIVITY AND GET YOU AHEAD IN YOUR CAREER’ and organise team activities including virtual workouts to help keep our minds and bodies as healthy as possible.  Team activities do not always need to be physical; they can include a book club, online cooking classes or even wine tasting. They can also include supporting team members with their personal achievements such as cheering on our CBR Director, Ludi Martin, as she does her marathon training.

Just because you’re not physically with your team, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on some team traditions. Remote competitions can be fun for team morale, so try to keep some competitive spirit going. Who has the ‘best’ ugly Christmas jumper? Who gets the most steps in? Who baked the best cake?

Communicate, communicate and communicate again

While teams are more likely to be working remotely it is still vital to communicate on a regular basis and this can be over many different platforms; Teams, WhatsApp, email, Zoom, or even all of them. We make sure our team is armed with all the right tools to ensure communication is the easiest it can be. We invest in collaborative platforms to ensure everyone can be a part of the discussion and feels included.

Have you considered morning status updates from each team member? It is a great way of checking in with the team and  having a catchup on anything positive (or negative) that has happened on the previous day. This can help relieve any individual stresses and help to reset for the day ahead.

Personal contact is something we make a priority at CBR as it is important that all of the team feel supported, in the loop and able to raise any concerns they may have. This is always harder to do online than face to face, so the more opportunities teams are given to communicate, the better. The more you share with your colleagues (within your comfort level) the more they will understand you, which can create a closer working relationship and better support structure. Try sharing funny photos from the weekend, memes, gardening or cooking tips. A popular one at CBR is sharing tips on keeping the kids entertained!

Be a team

At CBR, we appreciate the importance of creating an environment where leadership and employees can stay connected while working, regardless of flexible working and a growing business.  Team building is an important part of creating a strong company culture; however, ensuring you make everyone feel included, no matter where they are, is key to a motivated and successful team.

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