Uncertainty affecting the talent of tomorrow?

Is your business uncertainty affecting the talent of tomorrow?

Employer uncertainty on future working arrangements and hiring timeframes are having a knock-on impact on hiring in the current marketplace.

There are many factors creating challenges for hiring organisations. The high levels of vacancies and low number of applications means the power is in the candidates’ hands as to their choice of which company to work for.

After more than 18 months of varying restrictions and lockdown measures, hiring timescales have changed as it has been significantly harder to create long-term plans within an organisation, which has led to short-term hiring. This is concerning for nurturing the talent of tomorrow and employers need to be re-evaluating traditional strategies for engagement.

Current obstacles for employers in today’s hiring climate include:

  • Uncertainty moving forward with hiring plans
  • The demand for more flexible working when restrictions are completely removed (some employees will prefer to work from home in the long-term)
  • The difficulty in virtual hiring and initial engagement strategies
  • Training has become predominately virtual and this may not be a great fit for every role

The challenges of virtual hiring

Enticing new talent is not only difficult at the moment because of planning but also due to the fact that apprentices and trainees benefit greatly from face-to-face learning. They also benefit from being around more experienced and senior colleagues and learning from those at the top of their game. While hybrid working continues with some working from home and some back in the office, new starters lose the opportunity to collaborate in a hive of office activity – where direct and organic learning through immersion within an environment of professionals can take place.

Support from apprentice ambassadors is known to improve candidate retention and hiring. These ambassadors help to maintain relationships with new talent, making sure an organisation is at the forefront of a candidate’s mind when they do come to apply, although this is traditionally done in person, there are definitely benefits to keeping the ambassador role in a virtual capacity.

2022 is Looming

Employers are now ready to put their hiring plans into action, especially with the end of the year fast approaching. There needs to be a strategy for engaging with new talent and keeping that momentum going into 2022. It is the uncertainty around whether or not a conventional hiring process is possible that is making things trickier.

As restrictions may change at any moment and the potential threat of another winter lockdown looms, companies need to continue to prioritise policies for a virtual working environment and recruitment practices over the traditional in-person approach. Virtual hiring and working practices do provide time and money saving benefits, as well as comfort to young talent that could be more apprehensive about face-to-face interaction. However, there is not one right answer for what will suit everyone.

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