Don’t let your LinkedIn profile lose you your next big opportunity

Don’t let your LinkedIn profile lose you your next big opportunity

Does your LinkedIn profile accurately reflect your CV? Learn how you can maximise your chances of success by adapting your LinkedIn profile. It doesn’t take long for a recruiter to do a quick bit of due diligence on LinkedIn, and in a matter of minutes your chances of landing the next big opportunity may have faded away.

Social media usage has increased dramatically over the past 10 years, and without a strong LinkedIn profile you could be really missing out. Recruiters are less likely to reach out to you if your profile does not reflect you and your career, personality, and experience accurately. In 2021 it would be wrong to assume a great CV is all you need to set you apart from other candidates.

LinkedIn provides the perfect environment to connect with colleagues, ex-colleagues, and inspirational organisations. It also allows you to upload your previous work history, gain recommendations from colleagues and customers or suppliers, and write a personal bio that describes who you are and your experience. This makes it easy for potential employers to look at your profile before speaking with you or offering you an interview or job.

It’s general vs. specificity

The difference between your LinkedIn profile and your CV is that your CV needs to be tailored to the specific job opportunity, including your expertise that fits the job description, whereas your LinkedIn profile needs to appeal to a much wider audience. It can include more detail about your personality, brand, experience, and positive statements from peers. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to be more creative that a traditional CV with options to showcase video, artwork, and creative writing. This is very beneficial for those seeking to display their creative talents.

What you should include in your LinkedIn profile

The aim of the LinkedIn profile is to attract recruiters, agencies, and potential employers and to do this you need to get yourself noticed. Analytic tools can be used to seek out active users that fit the requirements of a job specification or that of a talent pool.

  • Keep your profile up to date – providing more opportunity for talent recruiters to find you based on your latest achievements
  • Ensure you are frequently using LinkedIn to network, share, and post – this will help analytic tools find you
  • Upload a photograph – Ensure it is recent and professional
  • Create an engaging headline – If you are seeking a new opportunity, it can help to add a headline to showcase your experience in your chosen field. For example “Analytical thinker with over 5 years’ experience working within cyber security threat management”.
  • Ensure your skillset and experience are relevant and up-to-date
  • Provide examples – Include relevant work experience, accurate employment history, and examples of the work carried out within each role
  • Include endorsements and recommendations – from other people you have worked with
  • Regularly share content that is related to your chosen industry – this helps you to be seen as a thought-leader within your domain
  • Add the ‘open to work’ banner – If you are openly looking for work, adjust your profile settings to show recruiters and hiring managers that you are available

Invest time in creating a LinkedIn profile that really represents your personality, drive, experience, and interests to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of succeeding, when it is time to chase the next big opportunity.

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