impact of 2021 on 2022 jobs

Impact of 2021 on 2022 Jobs

28% of all reported security incidents are related to cyber security. So, with home-working here to stay, the fast rollout of 5G, and billions of connected devices how will this affect the cyber jobs market in 2022?

The bad news is cyber crime is not going anywhere; however, the good news is that presents a great opportunity for careers in 2022. As network capability grows, so too does the risk of cyber-attacks and threats. Organisations will need to build their internal cyber teams or work with third-party experts to prevent their networks from being attacked.

Opportunity in 5G

Take Private or Non-Public 5G Networks as an example. 5G brings lots more scope for creating private networks within enterprises this means using 5G cellular signal support the automation of robotics, connected vehicles. This also brings more entry points and opportunities for cyber-attacks. The impact of threat traffic on a cellular network can be detrimental to the performance of the devices that the network is enabling. Attack prevention and security teams will need to work hard to identify all the possible threat scenarios and ensure networks are robust enough to sustain the ultra-low latency, high reliability applications synonymous in enterprise environments.

Home working

We are all fed up with talking about the pandemic but one good thing that has come out of it is the advent of hybrid working. Many employees are able to find a balance that works for them, but it also means that the pressure on access networks into organisations remains high.  Temporary solutions to support home working are not always sustainable and upgrades will need to be managed, implemented, and tested to ensure they can continue to support the growth in data.

Joining a growing market in 2022

Cyber remains a great opportunity in 2022 for those who are either looking for a change in career or who want to move into a new area of the industry. There are a diverse range of career paths in cyber and new challenges continue to appear as networks grow and become more complex. The advent of cloud-computing adds another dimension into security and is a clear growth factor for the industry.

Remember that a large number of people will have ‘find a new job’ at the top of their list of new year’s resolutions, so find out what opportunities are available for you now and get one step ahead of them!

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