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In a rapidly growing industry, with constantly changing technology how do you ensure you are recruiting the right team for your business when experience can sometimes be a luxury?

The realisation that cyber-crime is growing faster than the ability to prevent it, is a concern for many organisations. The need to essentially bring cyber prevention techniques into the classroom is becoming more of a consideration. There are many attributes that will determine whether you are successful in the cyber industry; however there are a few key skills that will ensure you go far!

  • Tech savvy
  • Problem solver
  • Team player

With the advent of the digital world children in 2021 are naturally far more tech savvy than previous generations. With more devices on hand, if the ability and interest is there, it makes sense to nurture that intrinsic ability from a young age.

Invest in partnerships

  • Educational Bodies – Relationships between an organisation and educational bodies help educators stay ahead of cyber market demands and could enable them to align curriculums to help students prepare for the job market.  Sponsoring on-site cyber events such as hackathons or coding competitions can help you identify standout candidates for potential internships leading to a career.
  • Industry organisations – The organisation Cyber Security Challenge hosts annual competitions using a game platform where participants interact amongst themselves, as well as with industry experts, in a virtual reality world to solve data security problems. Participants are evaluated on their technical capacity, teamwork, and communications skills and may have a job waiting for them at the end of the competition.

Support cyber awareness at a young age

CyberLand is an online game platform from Cyber Games UK which offers fun, interactive online games that help teachers and after school club leaders introduce key concepts in cyber security.  By working their way through CyberLand’s immersive activities, physical games, and practical challenges, students:

  • Learn about key cyber concepts such as the use of firewalls, public Wi-Fi and phishing emails
  • Understand how to stay safe online
  • Discover some of the key roles in the cyber security industry and how different individuals work together to protect our systems from attack
  • Strengthen the skills they’ll need for a career in tech or information security

Promoting these activities helps to raise your company brand and profile amongst the cyber talent of tomorrow.

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